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The Rhino Pad Kit

The Rhino Pad Kit

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The Rhino Pad - a compact Macro Pad tailored for Computer-Aided Drawing. With 13 keys that can be programmed for any key combination you can program different actions for different length or amount of key presses, it's your creative toolkit for seamless navigation and command execution. 


  • 13 Fully Programmable Keys
  • Digital Encoder
  • Hot Swappable Switches
  • Wireless Support with a Nice!Nano
  • OLED Display Support

Find the ZMK repo made for the Nice!Nano v2 Rhino Pad here.

Included in Kit:

  • 1x Rhino Pad PCB
  • 1x EC11 encoder
  • 13x SOD-123 Diodes
  • 12x Kailh Choc Hot Swap Sockets
  • 1x B3U-1000P Push Button Switch
  • 1x 3D Printed Encoder Knob
  • 12x 3D Printed Choc Keycaps

Not Included in Kit (Needed to Complete):


Optional (Nice!Nano Only, Buy Separately): 

Using a Nice!Nano Microcontroller allows the Rhino Pad to be used wirelessly, Just solder on a Switch and a 301230 LiPo Battery (that conveniently sits below the Nice!Nano so you can't see it!)

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