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110mAh 3.7V LiPo Battery (301230)

110mAh 3.7V LiPo Battery (301230)

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The 301230 3.7V 110mAh LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery is a compact LiPo battery often used in various wireless electronic devices, like keyboards. 

The 301230 is a perfect pairing with a Nice!Nano, as it fits right underneath when it is socketed, and the Nice!Nano has an inbuilt LiPo charger.

NOTE: This product can ONLY BE SHIPPED DOMESTICALLY in New Zealand due to shipping restrictions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dimensions: 30mm x 12mm x 3mm.


  • 1x 301230 3.7V 110mAh LiPo
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